About Us

The Trading Cove, Inc. your one stop shopping center for household goods, seasonal decorations and party supplies, has set itself apart from the crowd to bring you an outstanding product mix bound to fly off your shelves.


We are a manufacturer’s representation house with nearly twenty-five years of experience in the wholesale industry.  We have sought to provide an exceptional array of domestic and imported items, which are elegant, distinctive and functional.


We are globally recognized for maintaining a high level of professionalism and courteous service.  With an impressive assortment in everyday and seasonal merchandise, The Trading Cove wants to be the link to the merchandise that you and your consumers need to stay profitable.  Whether it is that very rare jewelry box, the exquisite table runner, the innovative glass ware, cookware and kitchen utensils, the sensational floral bouquet or the chic gift bag to carry it all, we are here to provide it to you.


Our goal is to continuously supply you with the hottest best-sellers for that special décor.  With efficiency and dedication, we will handle all your customer care needs.  We are strongly motivated to be your helpful partner and to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and service every step of the way.  

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New York, NY
Phone: 212-679-4480

E-mail: business@thetradingcove.com